you need to pick your afro daddy... because it's flat on one side

After feeling sorry for myself all weekend, I find myself in complete overdrive on this lovely, Monday. My allergies have subsided to a mere scratch here and there and I'm actually feeling pretty good.

My plans for the day include:
• Cleaning up my desk
• Get organized for my Boy's graduation
• Taking Pictures around the house
• Taking Pictures around the neighborhood (weather permitting)
• Cleaning the room from top to bottom
• Get my e-mail Reader below the dreaded 100+ unread items
• Work on a range of exciting little projects of mine

Given that the first 2 were ticked off before 7 am, I'm fairly optimistic I can achieve a few more throughout the day . I'm sure the lack of sleep will catch up with me at some stage, especially with the 8 -5 (work) but I think I can fit a nap in there too.

give this a listen if you have time.

<a href="">Dying to Live feat. John Forte by BlitzLiveSessions</a>


FV said…
Perfect day!!!

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