You Wouldn't.

I hate to get involved in a dead-end relationship when you know, and you’re conscious of what you're doing.
You get involved knowing that in the end or at some point you’re going to start looking for the next best thing.
So, when I think about a boyfriend or a partner, I like to look at that person as …hmm lets say the future father of my babies. Like an investment or a business partner. You wouldn’t pick a partner that fucks around with other businesses right?
I don’t have a lot of experience with this…but I don’t know how much is A LOT anyway…

The first time…here we go… I got turned down… was, well, I’m not going to go into details, but the guy said…and these were his exact words “If you were my girlfriend, I would spoil you like a little girl, I would hold you all night long. I would wanna see you every second of the day. But I just…don’t have time for it.”

Oh and he kept going…
“I should start putting together my art portfolio, but I don’t have time. I should have dinner with my mother, but I don’t have time. I should start recording my album, but I don’t have time for that either. I barely sleep. I’m sorry…I just I don’t have time.”
I was just there. Silent.

“Uh…are you ok?” he asked.
“I’m still breathing…so I must be fine.” And that’s all I could say.

So the next guy that comes with half ass excuse like that… you better be careful.


Leila Lukács Salvado said…
Great words Talumba, but relationships are complicated, and I'm not only talking about love relationships...every relationship is complicated (friendship, family, society)...
"You get involved knowing that in the end or at some point you’re going to start looking for the next best thing." -> I think this is the worst feeling ever...when you'r with some1 and you feel like you'r with no1...
Anywayz...kiss kiss bang bang
Anonymous said…
Human Nature is quite interesting, I think most individual bring about complication to feel a little sense of importance in their lives .Simple is life so let me live. I get the impression TK, (I will call you TK) that before execution you at time … you have the end in mind, pretty impressive but unfortunately not a trait that the majority have in common.
Interestingly when this idea is put in the context of relation … statics point out that the followers to this practice usually create strong bonds and relationships .But from the blog post I get the impression that the author is mixing emotion and rational thinking.
Every Relationship has to have an end in mind and getting in that relationship has to be a conscious decision which is also based on a set of agreed rules and guidelines (code of conduct so to speak).Which is especially important when you are contemplating of having a lifelong business partner or a lifelong love partner. Otherwise as you said TK “You get involved knowing that in the end or at some point you’re going to start looking for the next best thing”. Which in my point of view is always a shaky position to be found in and it won’t be fair on either party.
Well I must remember what I am saying next time I hit on a…
Great blog by the way TK , love your photos especially pic 15 from “A beginning “piece on you facebook page , but riddle me this , I was just checking out your “Untimely Meditations” piece , got a bit of mixed emotion over that one . Anyway no comments I am an also artist and I am sensitive about my shit 
Impressive stuff TK.
Lyhwaku said…
I like your blog, you're pretty, what does Talumba Katawala in your mother tongue? Good Weekend Kisses!

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