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Quinta-Feira dia 18 de Mar 2010

Who doesnt enjoy some good Ol' Kwassa- Kwassa? I mean if it doesnt even make you tap your've got a problem. My house-mate and I went out last night for some unexplainable reason. At first it was just the "let's go have a drink somewhere" thing, and once we got out, it started raining, so we decided to go to Centro Cultural Franco Mocambican, we got in (no entrance fee, Yay!) and found a bunch of people that seemed like they were there for a purpose, and we started to feel a little awkward...but that's nothing a Martini cant fix (they didnt put olives in our martinis...thats BS, if you're gonna serve a martini, then you might as well put the friggin olive in it...I'm just saying), and then well since Gil vicent is right next door (conveniently), we decided to go check it out. One illegal U-turn and we were there. " One 2M(a pressao) for 40 Mzn, and one Spin (ewww...) for some ungodly price please", we were served. The two of us decided to sit outside because we thought that maybe the doorman would change his mind after few drinks and let us in for such luck. Gave him a 500 bill for the two of us and got 300 back, got it in, and we were greeted by the undeniable sound of AFRICA!
I dont know the name of the group, and I dont know how much I care to find out, but they were great and I enjoyed myself to the max. "O Sito do Costume" nao barraca!
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