Karibu Ya Bintou By Baloji

Photo: Nicola Karakatsanis

“Baloji means sorcerer in Chiluba and Swahili It’s like a curse, like carrying part of the devil or the bad side of things and you know how sorcery is viewed in Africa. People fear them, fear their powers, fear that they can put bad spirit inothers food and drinks and assumed that they are connected to bad forces.
They call this curse the shadow because it follows its host until it gets what it is asking for ! So I struggled with my name for years before asking my mother why she chose this name. She explains it was to pay hommage to an uncle who had the same name and saved the life of my very own father….so in the same sense, sorcerers can also save people to contrary belief and that is what the poet is talking about in the intro of karibu vidéo." - Baloji
you can watch the video here -

I don't understand french but this video says so much visually: Its refreshing that it isn't falsifying the community by showing fake blings and rented cars.

This is my first time hearing about Baloji. Thanks for the tip. I'm really feeling it.


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