Sent at 2:15 PM on Tuesday
me: you know what i want?
i just want to know that in the 3 years from now, i'll be ok.
it would friggin take a load off of me
Sent at 2:18 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: ok in what sense?
me: like i wont be lost still trying to figure out what to do...
trying to keep a job...
basically whe i am now
i dont want to get or feel stuck
Sent at 2:20 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: u there?
sorry my internet messed up
me: you're the one that left
luminalart3: sorry my internet messed up

Sent at 2:44 PM on Tuesday
me: soo
Sent at 2:46 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: so u were telling me u wanted to feel secured 3 years from now
me: not just three years
like i want to feel secure period.
luminalart3: then i think you ought start thinking seriously of what you love doing, if money should be kept aside
because money cant buy happiness, but happiness can buy money
if u get what i mean
Sent at 2:51 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: so my dear, what is it you would love to do, that is if u become that, then u think as a human being you will feel fulfiled
is it one thing? or a group of things?
Sent at 2:56PM on Tuesday
luminalart3 : place them in order of priority and then start with working towards one...but do not neglect ur present situation because it is important for your next level
Sent at 2:57 PM on Tuesday
me: why are you so full of answers!... i knew you were the right person to talk to
luminalart3: am glad you can reason with me
so dear security is an illusion, because if you can sleep at night and wake up in the morning with your eyes open and your mind ready to work, then you are already secured
Sent at 3:04 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: the question is how do you use your mind, do you use to achieve your goals or do you use it to wallow in fears of what is to come? thats actually the definition of "security"
Sent at 3:05 PM on Tuesday
me:you're absolutely right
luminalart3: so my dear if we follow that defintion, then u will agree with me that any young girl that is as little as one-tenth as smart as you are can claim to be secured if only she uses her energy well
...which is just one-tenth of yours
Sent at 3:08 PM on Tuesday
me: that's great power talk!
agh! i feel
Sent at 3:18 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: exactly, so do not build a nest of fear around you but live everyday in recognition of the huge possibilities that comes with every opportunity
...and ofcourse brace yourself for the responsibilities
Sent at 3:21 PM on Tuesday
me: oh the responsabilities.
they just keep coming
Sent at 3:29 PM on Tuesday
luminalart3: hahaha, yes, it will always come
thats the reality

i juse love him!


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