flat shoes and new frames for me


I live with my contact lenses on ( I love you Acuvue Advanced)! But lately I've been so broke and they're more of a luxury now. My trusty pair of glasses have served me wonderfully for the past few years, but they're coming apart, and i can barely see anything through them, parking the car is a mission. So, this time around, I've decided to look for something bolder and bigger!

I have recently decided to give up driving all together in Maputo, well...during the week, I spend too much time on the street honking and getting angry at people. And those damned potholes. Plus, when I walk it gives me more time to think and I can put in some practice time with the D60. Which brings me to the shoe... In the morning there's a 95 percent chance that I am going to put on a beat-up black pair of keds or my beat-up sandels. I have other options of flat shoes, but these two pairs are just irreplaceble for some reason. So, no wonder these shoes are falling apart, it's abou time I had another pair to the list. I was thinking I should wake up early and take a long walk to the infomous open market Xipamanine, and see if I can find somethin interesting.
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