..and then Bono came to Mozambique


I hate to be the one asking to take pictures with a celebrity. I really do. It's been very few times that've actually had the opportunity to meet or see a celebrity, and I have never asked for an autograph, I wouldn't say that I am prideful or anything like that, I just think that it bothers them...I think they get annoyed with people constantly wanting something out of them. It seems as if you're asking for money, or a ride somewhere, I dont know, I'm just not confortable with it.... so, Bono came to Maputo with some rich guy named Mo Ibrahim whom I nick named Mowin Mo'del...because i think it's funny. And they decided to go to Mafalala Libre. MC Roger was there ( wearing a white italian suit), some guy in a really tight shiny silver shirt whom I think was Bang, the music producer, and a bunch of really important people that seem to follow celebreties of his status around. The U2 lead singer kept his cool, if you didnt know him, you would never guess who he was, except for the security guys who were scattered around the bar. He did smoke in the none smoking area, which I didnt like at all. And he didn't really seem to quite catch the Marrabenta rythm very well...but he tried. He signed lot's of autographs, chatted with almost anyone that approached him. Drank beers, local beer. Practically every musician that was invited to the shindig got up on stage to show their stuff to Bono, including Muzila, whom I've already mentioned today, Chico Antonio, Simba, and Roberto something...the guy that sings that song that goes "lalani...lalani"...Isaias, that's it! And then Xavier Machiana former lead singer of Rockfellers got up on stage and sang "with or without you", so of course Bono would get up there and sing it, if he hadn't he wouldnt be the Bono we love, and then I finally got the opportunity to snap some pictures!!! The're not great, the light was bad, and I was too excited...IT'S BONO! If you didnt get that phone call from Mickie at about 22h00 last night...you missed out.
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cheny said…
Oi,gostei da cronica! nao estive la mas deu para imaginar a atmosferta que se viveu no Mafalala... Go on Talumba!

Cheny Wa Gune
Anonymous said…
great Bono story! I wish I would've been there!! :)
Luana Jane said…
Amazing ! I did't know he had been there. awww I would die to see him :D hahaha xx

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