About Me

-about me-

From the tiniest toes to the wisest grin I strive to capture the essence of all who grace the other side of my lens. I want to look at a photograph and know something about the person, and that moment. It is great to look at a photograph of your loved one and feel you know what they are thinking. This is what I will provide for you. A piece of life lived, an encapsulated memory, a moment captured in time. I know what it is like to want pictures that will remind you of your child’s different expressions, attitudes, and reactions to their surroundings. This is why I have been instinctively guided into a more photojournalistic approach to photography. I like to stand back and let my clients live. I strive to capture life. As a lover of art, fashion and music I want to give you the cutting edge, cool and funky image, as well as the traditional portrait that will have you bubbling with excitement to show everyone. I see the world in pictures and I would love to share them with you.

-your session-
When you book your session we will discuss in detail what you are looking for in your photographs. We will spend anywhere from one to two hours together at a location of your choice. You may choose to have the session in your favorite park, the city, your home, or another location. If you like, I can choose a location for you. I find joy in finding locations to match my client’s personalities, and prefer to have sessions at an outdoor location because it is always an adventure. We will begin the session with a few posed family portraits while everyone is fresh and then the real fun begins. We will play, explore, laugh, joke, stroll, and even run. Yes.

-families and children-
Families are encouraged to “come as you are.” Relax and be yourself. That is all I really ask of you. During our sessions we will chat as I get to know each of you better. When taking photos of younger children alone I ask that parents keep an eye out, but coaching is a no, no (shaking my finger). What to wear… how about what not to wear? Please be wary, words, and logos on your clothing. They may be a distraction from the most important part of the photograph, which is you!

-music artists-
Once again relax and be yourself. I want to capture you. The same person that shines through in the music you create. Feel free to bring two wardrobe changes and any things that will help convey your message. If you need wardrobe and make-up services please let me know. Please inquire for pricing information.

I love the magic of an engagement and all the thoughts of a new beginning. On your wedding day I want to be there to capture it all. We will work closely together to make sure you get wedding photos that capture your special moment. Please inquire for wedding package information. I have quite a few options. the results are in… Within 14 business days from the date of your session you will recieve an email/phone call letting you know that your pictures are ready.


Mommy-to-be and ME! (3,000 mtn)
Your body is changing: your belly is growing; your skin is glowing, and precious life blossoms from inside. Why not let these moments last for more than 9 months?

Baby Steps (2,000 mtn)
Capture this special time in your child’s life with sessions documenting the growth, personality and transitions of the first year.

This Is Your Life (6,000 mtn)
Ready to have some fun? I sure am! Let me step into your world. From breakfast, until that kiss goodnight I will capture your family as you know it! Whether we take a trip to the park, the museum, or the beach, we will truly be capturing your moments in time! The session fee must be paid IN FULL on or before the session date and provides you with: o A 1-2 hour custom photo session on location

o The creative editing of 20-30 images in my digital darkroom or A CD-ROM with all of the images captured.

Ask me for details on additional travel or out-of-town sessions.

**All prices are subject to change without notice, be will remain fixed once session is booked**
I really appreciate you reading all of this!

take it easy,
Talumba Katawala


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